According to contributions members will receive points and following prizes every season
  • 1x e-assessment
  • 1x e-coaching
  • 1x e-consultancy
  • 1x e-training
  • 1x e-conference
  • 1x e-books
  • 1x grant
  • 1x fellowship
  • 1x scholarship
  • 1x microcredit
  • 1x SDG Start Up Package

Conditions and number of points vary for each prize. The number of units of service (prizes, may vary according to case).


The member will be organized in categories, types of organizations and projects. The intention is to encourage teams of leaders to advance their project to the higher level of project category. The e-learning program have been designed in order to advance the holistic strategic management of your project.


Members that achieve a top level sustainable performance, and complete the necessary e-learning milestones for their own projects, will become eligible for an evaluation of user certificates and training/evaluation for licenses as providers of coaching, training and consultancy with the Holistic Strategic Management Tools facilitated along the e-learning program.