Matrix-Q SDG Awards

Matrix-Q SDG Awards

“It is through communication and collaboration that we achieve changes together, globally”

The best 9 SDG Projects every year will receive prizes and advanced support from the Matrix-Q SDG HUB.

Effectiveness in the application of Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools & Skills, as for SDG (Global Sustainable Development Goals) will be rewarded with prizes that will help SDG Entrepreneurs achieve their goals.


2019 Prizes will be announced in Summer 2019, we expect them to be over 10.000.00 EUR


Private and non profit organizations engaged into providing support to SDG Entrepreneurs will be listed in Summer 2019, as well as the prizes  they will offer to eligible candidates.

Matrix-Q Ecosystem members will also join as sponsors, supporting new members.


  • Register and apply for a free membership at the Matrix-Q SDG HUB. [contact, you will be requested to share details of your SDG Project, and current status: idea, team, registered organization, start up, advanced project (2-3 years) or established organization 5-10+ years]
  • Acquire and apply Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools & Skills for your SDG Project. [The SDG Hub provides to its members e-learning resources for self-education, self-tests and self-evaluation, as well as challenges and opportunities to demonstrate capacity of application, as for online digital role play games (Matrix-Q DARP), and Matrix-Q SDG Think Tank ]
  • Share with us your success, the results and process. [Matrix-Q Progress Reports]
  • Complete e-learning program and qualify for a Matrix-Q User Certificates. [Matrix-Q Certificates, module based system. After completion of the first module candidates may apply for a first Matrix-Q Certificate. ]
  • As certified user of Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools and Skills, you are welcome to join the Matrix-Q Ecosystem. [Matrix-Q SDG Hub – Certified Users Network]
  • Advance your performance and effectiveness, gain points and rank at the Matrix-Q Ecosystem. [Thanks to your progress reports and certificates, as well as for the points gained on challenges, games and collaboration events as for the Matrix-Q Think Tank; eligible candidates will gain points and hold a rank]
  • Become eligible for a Matrix-Q SDG Award.


  • Once a candidate has joined the Matrix-Q SDG Hub (after evaluation of their SDG Projects), will receive 3 months free membership for our e-learning and support platform.
  • The gamified free membership allows them to gain points and keep their membership status as free for as long as they keep the number of points and rank necessary every month.
  • Once a Matrix-Q SDG Hub member have completed at least 9×27 days continues membership, and is holder of at least one Matrix-Q SDG User Certificate, becomes immediately eligible for the Matrix-Q SDG HUB Awards.

Matrix-Q SDG Awards 2019

  • Pre-Register  Starts: 2018.September 27th
  • Registration Ends: 2019.March 20th (*)
  • Members registered after the Equinox March 20th, may apply for the Matrix-Q SDG Hub Awards 2020.
  • Winners will be announced 21st December Solstice 2019.
  • Participants list will be published the 27th March 2018.
  • The points and status of the participants will be updated and published every 27 days.
  • We expect the performance of the candidates will motivate our sponsors. Sponsors will be able to follow up candidates progress along the year.

Registration Form: Please contact us by e-mail with a formal application request letter including a brief description of your project, OnePager, and a 1 min video clip introducing yourself, your team and your project, company or organization.  to:


Companies, non profit organizations, public or private organizations, start ups, students circles, independent entrepreneurs.